Are you the dream partner of your dream partner

When it comes to romantic relationships, I hear over and over again the same phrase: I want to find the right partner/the partner of my dreams, and I’ll live a happy life. Friends or clients, men or women, and even teenagers talk about how much they want to find the man/ woman of their dreams. Every one of us (because I cannot exclude myself) have a mental or actual list of traits we want to find in our ideal partner. 


But now the question is, are you the dream partner for your dream partner? Have you ever asked yourself if you’d meet your dream partner today, would they feel as if they’ve just found “the One”?


In other words, if you’d be on your first date with your dream person, would they ask you for a second or third date? And now you might think that you can’t really know how to answer this question. But, I think deep down, you know the answer. You already know if you’re the One for the partner of your dreams because you already have a picture of them in your mind, so you know how they think, what do they want, what their values are, etc. So, knowing all this, you can also answer this question of being the dream partner for your dream partner.


Relationships are not easy. They come with lots of chemistry, tones of love and affection, and an ocean of work. That work happens during the relationship when you keep on showing your partner how much they mean to you or when you are by their side during their hard times, but it starts way before getting into that relationship; when you become MRS Right for your MR Right.


So, if you think that you might not be the best partner for your dream partner, you are about to take a massive step into becoming the One because you can start working on improving yourself.


Exactly the way we hop on the treadmill to shape our ideal body, we have to embark on a transformative journey to shape our perfect self that’s ready to meet our perfect partner.


Sometimes it’s not just about finding the One, as it is about becoming the One. Like this, there is a chance for your dream partner to find you before you realized you’d found them.