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What does the relationship with our parents say about their parenting style
When we grow up, we look up to our parents, see them as our rock, count on them, and believe they are there to love and protect us. And some parents do that. They love, protect, cherish and raise us wholeheartedly, with our best interests in mind. Unfortunately, not all parents do that, or not everything they think is good for us it really is. Sometimes, some parents believe they know best, and their kids are meant to listen to them undoubtedly, because, in the end, kids are kids.

Until death do us part
You’ve found the love of your life. You are madly in love, and you know you are living with The One. When you are together, everything is perfect, and when you’re not in the same room, you keep on smiling because you know you are loved.

Are you the dream partner of your dream partner
When it comes to romantic relationships, I hear over and over again the same phrase: I want to find the right partner/the partner of my dreams, and I’ll live a happy life. Friends or clients, men or women, and even teenagers talk about how much they want to find the man/ woman of their dreams. Every one of us (because I cannot exclude myself) have a mental or actual list of traits we want to find in our ideal partner.

How do you know you found the right partner
Regardless of their relationship status, all my clients have the same question: “How do you know you found the right person?” Since this is a recurrent question in my practice, I started writing this article with the hopes it will help you, too.

I am a life coach and my life isn’t perfect
More often than not, we, life coaches or psychologists, give somehow this impression that we have all the answers, we know how to react, and we jump from a pink cloud to another like some happy supernatural creatures. Oh, my dears, this can’t be farther from the truth.