How do you know you found the right partner

The right partner is an important aspect discussed with almost all my coaching clients, regardless of their initial goal for our sessions. Being in the right relationship or finding the right romantic partner is an essential aspect of our lives, as we are built as social beings that need to belong to a group.


Sometimes, my clients are in a relationship or are married; they love their partners but feel like something is missing. On the other hand, I have single clients, gorgeous women, with their life together, who would give the world to share their Universe with a loved one. 


Regardless of their relationship status, all my clients have the same question: “How do you know you found the right person?” Since this is a recurrent question in my practice, I started writing this article with the hopes it will help you, too.


Whenever my clients ask me this question, I ask them to tell me more about how they have chosen the house they live in. Some of them needed to have specific requirements, such as a covered parking space, a certain ceiling height, newly built or to have history, to have a big elevator or natural light. The story can go over for days; the point is, each of my clients had particular requirements.


And then, I asked them what drove them to have those unique needs from the place they live in. All of them told me that previous experiences helped them see what they really need. For instance, my client that wanted a covered garage lived in a place where she used to park outside, so her car was always dirty, and she wasted a lot of time at the car wash. The client that wanted natural light lived in a dark apartment, and she realized that the lack of light negatively influenced her mood. 


Now you might be thinking, what does that have to do with the right romantic partner? Well, it does! All of us have been in the situation to look for a place, exactly like we have looked or are still looking for a partner. And while finding the right place to live might take some time, finding the right partner is definitely going to need a lot of attention and effort.


Knowing the process you’ve been through to find a place to call home, you can quickly think about what is your requirements list for your partner. Does your current partner check all the boxes? And if not, how important are the boxes they don’t match? Can you live without those requirements and be happy? 


And if you’re single and looking for a romantic partner, what is your requirements list? What is the thing that you can cut off that list and still be happy?


Do your friends tell you you’re single because you’re too picky? Be honest with yourself, is that true? What can you remove from that list that would help you find a partner? If you cannot remove anything, you’re not too picky; you just really know yourself and know what you want.


To conclude, if you’re asking yourself how you know you found the right partner, please answer the questions above as honestly as possible. You’ll be surprised what you can find out about yourself and your right partner. And if you need to dive a little bit deeper, you know where to find me ;)