My practice

I dedicate my work to help women live a happy, fulfilled life on their own terms.

As a woman and a life coach, I walked in my clients’ shoes and I know how it feels to be stuck in your fears. I know the feeling of not trusting your capabilities or being scared to dare. I know how it is to live with anxiety, to be followed by the fear of failure, or feel worthless. I learned how to overcome these limitations and educated myself to help other women pass by their blocks.


I specialize in helping women from all walks of life fight anxiety, fears, low self-esteem, panic attacks, loneliness, etc.


Who do I serve?

I guide exhausted women, tired of the constant competition with themselves and others around them.


I empower high-achieving women with long to-do lists and an overwhelming workload who want to find balance in their lives.


I work with full-time moms, lifetime wives, and longtime working women who didn’t have “me-time” in a while and who need to be heard, seen, and appreciated.


I work close to each of my clients to design a personalized program that fits their unique personality. In each session, I create a confidential and safe environment where my clients can become vulnerable and discover the beauty inside themselves.


In my practice, I’ve helped women find the confidence to quit their job and start an entrepreneurial journey. I have been by my client’s side when they didn’t know if their relationship was the right one. I have assisted single women who wanted to find the right partner. I’ve been the shoulder to cry on after a break-up or after they lost their job. 


I have helped women find their voice to speak up their minds in front of an abusive partner or an ungrateful boss. I encouraged clients to design a vision board of their dream life and helped them see the steps needed to build it. I’ve held my clients’ hand on their grief process and I walked next to them in their dark alleys.


The part I enjoy the most in being a life coach is how I celebrate with my clients their successes and achievements. After all, coaching is a team game where my clients and I team up to achieve great goals.


If you feel tired of living an unhappy life, come work with me. I am more than happy to help you get rid of the ugly shoes of insecurities, and I promise that if you’re committed to living a better life, I’ll help you find those shiny shoes of self-confidence and worthiness.