Choose your words with the same attention you choose your clothes

Have you ever thought about how much time and effort you put into your day-to-day clothes and appearance? You choose your clothes to match the occasion; you don’t wear the same shoes when you do the groceries and when you go to a party.


Whenever you get ready for an important meeting at your job, you think about very expressive and impressive business attire. Not to mention how much time you spend choosing the perfect dress for that first date with the guy you like. 


But have you ever thought about what you’ll talk about in your daily interactions at work? Or have you ever paid attention to what you’ll talk about at a party? Maybe you had prepared your speech for that business meeting when you knew you were expected to hold a presentation, but other than that?


Have you ever asked yourself how your life would be impacted if you’d choose your words with the same attention as choosing your clothes? Have you ever asked yourself how many friendships you would still have if you wouldn’t have reacted so impulsively without weighing your words? Have you ever thought about how many loves you could have lived if you’d paid attention more to your words than your clothes?


Yes, clothes are the first impression and the second one. Clothes are an expression of what we want to communicate and who we are, but the words are the ones that define us. Our words tell the story, and they are the ones that can influence our future.


Everyone admires a beautiful attire, but after the party is over, no one or almost no one will remember the color of your dress. But if you choose them wisely, everyone will remember the story behind your words.


So, next time you feel like saying something that can change the course of your relationship with someone, pay attention to your words more than you paid attention to your clothes. And if after you think about the words you want to say, you still think it’s the right thing to say, then say it out loud.