I am a life coach and my life isn’t perfect

I decided to write this article to bust some myths about being a life coach/ counselor/ therapist equals having a perfect life or having all the answers.


Today I declare in front of everyone who’ll read this article: I am a life coach, but my life isn’t perfect! 


More often than not, we, life coaches or psychologists, give somehow this impression that we have all the answers, we know how to react, and we jump from a pink cloud to another like some happy supernatural creatures. Oh, my dears, this can’t be farther from the truth.


We are human beings in flesh and bones, with fears, dreams, insecurities, and anxieties. We also love, and laugh, lose and cry, pray and hope. We feel all the emotions exactly like any other human being, because first of all, we are human, too, and only after that we are coaches or therapists. 


For instance, I moved to a new country almost two years ago, and I am still struggling with fitting in. After all this time, I still feel like an outsider, and I am continually working with myself and my coach to get used to living here.


On top of not feeling that I belong in my adoptive country, I feel anxious because English is my second language, and I am aware that I don’t speak or write according to a grammar nazi’s standards. Knowing that “my English is not very good looking,” to quote the great singer Celia Cruz, is a significant setback in my way of feeling comfortable with my new life.


Even writing this article right now triggers some emotions inside me. I can hear the bad angel on my left shoulder saying: “Hey, stop this article! They are going to laugh at you.” Luckily, today I decided to listen to the good angel that whispers in my right ear and encourages me to keep on sharing my story. I feel exposed right now, but yet I will publish this article because this is part of my process; my way of overcoming my fears.


So here I am, in front of an untold truth. We coaches don’t have a perfect life, but we are very committed to working with ourselves. To become the best version we can. We don’t know all the answers about our lives, but fortunately, we have most of the questions needed to help you find the right solutions to your problems.


Life coaches are not perfect, and they aren’t always happy, and that’s the beauty of life. In front of our life coaches and under their magic wand, we learn to enjoy the sunshine after a stormy night, exactly like you learn the same thing under our guidance. What’s even more magical is that our coaches also have their coaches, who help them see the light.


Look at us now, all human beings from all countries of the world, helping each other become better or happier by accepting our flaws. 7.8 billion souls with 7.8 billion personalities walking together to become better. 


And if today you are asking yourself if you need a life coach and you think you accept an imperfect one, here I am, ready to navigate next to you to help you find the best version of yourself.