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Living the American life
It was difficult, I was scared, and I felt lonely, even though I had the most amazing and supporting husband by my side. I felt insecure because I didn't know anyone, I didn't speak (or write) perfect English - I still don't, I felt the cultural difference.

What is the best relationship one can have?
Self-love is not equal to being selfish. You can’t feed others when your pot is empty; you can’t protect others when you don’t wear your armor. As romantic as it may sound, losing yourself to keep someone else in your life does not apply in real life because if you lose yourself trying to please or to help others, you’ll lose them, too.

The most common types of life coaching
I gathered the most common types of life coaching, and I added a short description for each of them, so you can decide which one suits you best.

How to choose the right life coach
When asking yourself which life coach to choose, please try to answer the following question first: what do I want to achieve by working for a few months with a life coach? Based on your answer, you can narrow down the search to a niche. For instance, if you want to switch gears in your professional life, a career life coach is the right fit for you. If you’re a woman who wants to become stronger and build self-confidence, your right coach might be a women’s empowerment life coach.

Happy people are never mean
Of course, without knowing someone’s history, without walking in their shoes, or speaking honestly about themselves, it’s challenging to create authentic relationships with them. The labels we put can be very shallow.

Questions that can make or break a business partnership
From my own experience and later from my clients’ stories, I learned that we should ask a few vital questions before starting a business partnership, even if they may seem uncomfortable.

How to stop sabotaging yourself
People are often resistant to seek help, thinking that they can handle the situation by themselves or with their friends or spouses' help. Some of them compare their problems or obstacles with those of other people, and 100% of the time, they belittle their issues.

I am a life coach and my life isn’t perfect
More often than not, we, life coaches or psychologists, give somehow this impression that we have all the answers, we know how to react, and we jump from a pink cloud to another like some happy supernatural creatures. Oh, my dears, this can’t be farther from the truth.