What is the definition of a perfect life?

Have you ever said to yourself or someone else: “Oh, that woman must be so happy because she has her own business/ a husband/ 3 kids, etc?


Or, did it ever occur to you that a celebrity must have a perfect life because they have money and a lot of fame?


Or maybe you said to yourself that you’d have the perfect life after you’ll build a business/ find the right partner/ make six digits a month, etc?


Be honest with me, what is the definition of a perfect life for you? Who is that person that crosses your mind when you think about a perfect life? How well do you know that person? Do you know their story? Do you know their fears? Did they ever confess to you what their biggest wishes are? I bet they didn’t tell you their deepest secrets and fears, and I bet that even if you thought you knew that person, you now realize you don’t see a lot of things about them. You don’t know how many nights they go to bed crying or wake up feeling sad. You don’t know if they really think they have a perfect life. 


Because truth be told, the definition of a perfect life is a life we know nothing about. It’s an ideal we project in someone else, but in reality, we cannot know anyone else’s flaws and limitations unless we are their counselors, coaches, or therapists.


So do yourself a favor and stop thinking you’ll never have a perfect life because you won’t be like that person you admire. After all, no one lives a perfect life. Even the most incredible people on Earth live an imperfect life, in their opinion, and that’s perfectly fine. 


Instead, get yourself in the mindset to build a happy life on your own terms, with your own flaws, because life is happening now, regardless if you enjoy it or not. So rather than just letting it happen, make it a happy life, with all the imperfections that make it unique.