7 reasons why you shouldn't work with a life coach

Are you at a crossroads, yet you still think you should or shouldn’t work with a life coach? I am here to help you find a few answers.


I found seven reasons why you should NOT want to hire a life coach. I am sure there might be a few more, but we can use this list as a start. 

To cut to the chase, here are my seven reasons:


  1. You feel stuck with your job or your life in general; your relationship is dull, and it looks like nothing you do pleases your partner. If you find yourself in one of these situations, you shouldn’t look for a life coach.

  2. You are not a friendly person. You feel lonely often, and you find it hard to speak the same language as people around you. If I just described you, you don’t need a life coach.

  3. You want to start a diet, but you spend your days on a chair in front of your computer. Your evenings all look the same, with you on the couch, snacking while watching some boring movie. On top of that, your scale says you’re two pounds fatter than last week. Is this your case? Then you are better without a life coach.

  4. Are you going through a break-up? Maybe you just broke up with your partner, and you feel lost. You feel like you will never love again. You won’t find someone else ever again. You spend the nights crying and thinking, why did all this happen to you. You re-live over and over again the last kiss, the last time you made love, or the last dinner together. Am I speaking about your current situation? Then, you shouldn’t seek a life coach.

  5. Did you move to a new country and you feel you don’t belong to that place? Do you walk on the streets all by yourself, looking at other people and thinking how much you would like to make friends, but you don’t know how? Do you feel like you’re nobody’s boy in your adoptive country? If that’s your case, then you should struggle all by yourself. Don’t look for a life coach!

  6. Are you a people pleaser, a yes-man, or a yes-woman? You don’t know how to set boundaries with others, and you have a hard time when someone asks something from you. And still, you do what others expect from you. You are tired, and you feel you don’t belong to yourself anymore. Well, in this case, you’re better off all by yourself, without a life coach.

  7. Or maybe you feel worthless and uninteresting. You never take any risk, you don’t ask for a raise, and you don’t dare to have expectations from anyone. Do you keep on thinking who would do anything for someone like you? If this is describing you, then you shouldn’t even try to hire a life coach.


On the other hand, I can give you ONLY ONE REASON why you should call a life coach now. And that’s because you don’t have to struggle all by yourself. You know enough, it’s enough, and you are aware there’s more in your life than your blocks. You are ready to make that change, hand in hand, with someone that can guide you with empathy and appreciation.


And if you think this ONE REASON is stronger than all the excuses you might say to yourself, today is your lucky day! Pick up your phone and call that life coach you were following on social media or any other life coach you want to work with.

Congratulations! You just took the first and most crucial step in healing yourself, which is a great reason to celebrate!